Caboodle Hardware Store
Home Key Cutting
In Stock and cut onsite  full range of cylinder and mortice keys.

Wide range of products  - plants, seeds, basket plants, compost, grow bags, gardening tools, garden feed, strimmers, mowers , strimmers and mowers accessories, fence paint, ant killers, slug killers, mouse traps, canes, wiremesh, plant pots and planters.

Pet Food
We stock hay, straw, wood shavings, rabbit hamster guinea pig food, fish food, dog treats, flea spray, pet treatment products, wild bird seed, dry dog food, collars and leads.

Painting and Decorating
We stock full range of harris brushes and rollers, paint both gloss and coloured emulsion in both matt and silk, white spirit, brush cleaner, paint remover, sealant tubes, cork, filler, wallpaper paste, lining paper, woodchip.

Ronseal range of woodstains and varnishes

Curtain haberdashery, packing tape, double sided carpet tape, masking tape, curtain track, curtain poles, curtain accessories, gliders and brackets, picture hooks, picture wire.

Camping Equipment
tents , sleeping bags, stoves, tent pegs, torches, flasks

Clothes pegs, clothes lines, clothes props, bin liners, dissinfectant, bleach , clothes dye, carpet cleaning fluid, caustic soda, cups , saucers, fryingpans, knives and forks, peelers. tupperware , candles, t lights.

Vehicle Accessories
Car key cutting, engine oil, plastic padding, distilled water, battery chargers, brake fluid, rad weld,car sponges, car shampoo, car polish, t cut, two stroke oil, petrol cans, air freshenrs, l plates, shammy leathers.

Electrical Equipment
Various cables / sizes - twin and earth / flex, sockets, light switches, back boxes, telephone accessories, tel extention leads, power timers for switches, tv coax leads, insulation tape, sealing roses, pendant kits, flourescent tubes, lightbulbs, aerials, cctv, kettles, toasters, deep fat fryers, mixers, microwaves, portable Tv's, vacuum cleaners, doorbells.

Fence posts, 2 x 1 wood / and other sizes available, ply wood, conti board and mouldings ie quadrant etc.

15mm & 22mm compression fittings and solder, 15mm and 22mm copper pipe, varous tap and hose washers, 32 and 40 mm plastic waste fittings and p traps, toilet ball cock valves, toilet seats / hinges and fittings, wirewool, blow lamps, solder, flux, boss white.

Cycles and Cycle Spares
Ladies and gents mountain bokes, accessories include - puncture repair kits, inner tubes, cycle tyres, wheels, cables, brake bloks, lights, pumps, locks, link extractors, chains, football adapters.

Power Tools / Tools
Drills, sanders, grinders, electric screwdrivers, plainers, circlular saws, jig saws.

large selection of draper tools to include - hammers, screwdrivers, spanners, hacksaws, sockets, chisels, plyers, alan keys,  stanley knives, masonary drill bits, hss drill bits, rivett gun, hole saws, grips, adustable spanners, tool boxes, pick axe, sledge hammer.

Cleaning Equipment
Large range of hagesan cleaning equipment

BBQs, charcoal, lighter fluid and lighters, desposable BBQ's.


Footballs, spud guns water pistols, skipping ropes, toy guns, games, jigsaws, and various other kids toys.
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